The world of data security

The importance of policy management

Have you ever asked yourself, Would your organization be able to function without its policies? By implementing the appropriate policies and procedures, an operational framework

SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 Compliance The security of data is a top concern for all organizations. When data is mishandled by network security and applications, businesses can

The importance of ISO 27001 compliance

One of the most primary concerns for business organizations now days is the cybersecurity, and data protection of their businesses and customers. That’s the main

Regulations kills the SMBs

Overview One of the most commonly spoken about regulations these days is GDPR regulation; their fees and the way to implement those requirements on existing

SMB the way for compliance – 5 steps

Overview: For SMBs this is a really big demand and sometimes when they liaise with some consultants, they will get different approaches and different answers,