The importance of ISO 27001 compliance


One of the most primary concerns for business organizations now days is the cybersecurity, and data protection of their businesses and customers.
That’s the main reason why an international institute must comply with ISO 27001.

First of all, what is ISO 27001 compliance?

ISO 27001 is a leading international certification in partnership with IEC (international electrotechnical commission) that aims to protect vital data information assets.
The ISO 27001 outline the suggested requirements for improving, and monitoring an ISMS
(Information security management system). A set of policies for protecting sensitive information
E.g: customer details, financial data, employees data or any information entrusted by third parties

Like other ISO standards, achieving ISO 27001 is highly suggested but not obligatory.
An international organization choose to implement this standard in order to benefit from the best security practice it provides.

ISO 27001 benefits implementation

Data security, and compliance are not just as an IT-based priorities.
If your organization involves personal data processing here is a few key points of benefits that iso 27001 compliance will provide you:

  1. Data security improvement: Probably, the most obvious benefit of iso 27001 Is the fact that your data security processes, and management awareness will improve.
  2. Building a thrust worthy relationship with your costumers: Being ISO certificated will get you recognized as a professional trustable organization.
    Potential costumers, and business partners will be more willing, and enthusiastic to put their valuable personal, and financial data in your hands.
  3. Achieving a competitive edge: In a competitive market like now days, it is hard to distinguish yourself from others. Being certified for ISO 27001 put you, and enhances your value.
    It can provide you a unique differentiation between you, and other competitors.
  4. Global markets access:ISO 27001 will allow you to compete with world wide international competitors, there are some countries that ISO 27001 compliance is a major requirement.

In saying all that, with ISO 27001 you will raise your company’ cybersecurity level.
You will protect, and enhance your reputation while reassuring your costumers and data privacy.

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