Challenges of managed Service Providers with compliance – Part 3


In our last part of MSP’s challenges we are going to elaborate the need of compliance knowledge and cybersecurity practices that may give you the edge you need

In most businesses, compliance is a critical component, however, not all organizations are able to hire a full-time compliance expert.
A growing need for this service has led many managed services providers (MSPs) to consider adding compliance as a service (CaaS) to their current offerings.
However, what do MSPs need to know in order to offer this service effectively?

Software requirements

You may be required to provide compliance and security software to some clients, including those who have their own in-house software.
Your tech stack should include the following types of software:

-Risk management system
-Training and awareness system
-Incident report system
-Compliant supervision system

Although not an exhaustive list, these types of systems can assist you in setting up your compliance program.
For example Compliance with CCPA involves putting in place reasonable security controls to prevent data leaks.
Your clients’ networks will be able to be viewed and repaired remotely, any vulnerabilities or unnecessary risks will be highlighted, and backups will be stored in the event of a natural disaster or ransomware attack.
As you gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ compliance requirements, you may discover other types of software that can simplify the process.

Which compliance regulations are required?

It is important for you to know which compliance requirements apply to your customers if you intend to offer compliance services to them.
There are different rules for different countries and industries, but these are some of the most common.


So which skills do you as a Service Provider need?

-Understand the regulations.

-Know how to assess risks.

-Know how to use vulnerability tools or at least understand what need from the client.

-Wiring policies.

Nevertheless, each industry seems to have its own set of compliance certifications, so if you work extensively in that field, you should look for the appropriate skills. That being said, MSP’s needs to perform multiple tasks and a lot of knowledge to provide a full compliance service to their costumers.

Kamanja offers a complete compliance multi-tenancy end-to-end solution that based on our wizards and tools you gain those skills in days without spending time on learning them



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