Reduce Risk, Complexity, and Expenses

By providing your clients with Kamanja’s end-to-end solution, you provide them with everything they need to be compliant!

MSPs, MSSPs and security consultants!

  • Say goodbye to gathering evidence from multiple sources.

  • No longer recommend additional solutions to your clients.

  • End the hassle of managing clients through scattered files and systems.

  • Eliminate the lengthy process of implementing and maintaining compliance.

Risk Management

Assign controls and policies to risks both automated AI and manual inputs, then analyze threats and vulnerabilities across your company's software, processes, and personnel


A cloud-based vulnerability scanner that detects cyber security weaknesses and threats. Runs brute force attacks, denial of service attacks, and more.

Asset Management

One place to manage all technology components including hardware, software, firewalls, licenses, network infrastructure, etc.

Internal and External Audit

With our templates, you can automate your internal and external audits and generate reports automatically

Compliance Questionnaire

Creates custom questionnaires for employees and suppliers to gain insight into potential security threats.

Supplier & Employee Risks Analysis

Provide standardized Supplier Chain Management and employee lifecycle process


Automate recurring compliance and maintenance of data security measures.

Privacy and Security Frameworks

You can automate compliance and maintenance using our wizards, which include technical and non-technical controls that are embedded into the platform for all the frameworks that you require.

Asset Management

Unified endpoint management – one place to manage all technological components including hardware, software, firewalls, license, IoT, network components etc.

Document Management

Oversee and categorize data and documents in line with global data protection regulations and standards, utilizing our policy templates or uploading your own.

Supplier & Employee Risks Analysis

Streamline the onboarding and offboarding of suppliers and employees. Our system identifies those exposed to data risks and assigns appropriate risk levels.

Automatic Penetration Testing

Cloud based vulnerability scanner. Detects internal and external cyber security weaknesses and threats


Risk Management

Analyze threats and vulnerabilities on your company’s software, processes, and personnel, and assign controls and policies automatically and manually.

Compliance Questionnaire

Utilizes custom or template questionnaires to assess the security risks posed by employees and suppliers.



Event log monitoring and correlations. Helps detect real-time security threats and breaches.


Security Standard

Sets data-security measures according to the EU data-security regulations (GDPR), international data-security regulations (ISO 27001) and other data-related regulations.

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