Compliance made easily

MSPs and MSSPs can now streamline their clients’ security and compliance journeys by utilizing our cost-effective, multi-tenant, Security and Compliance as a Service solution. By automating the implementation and ongoing maintenance processes for security and compliance practices, the MSP can develop a complete picture of their clients’ security and compliance requirements.

Our services allow MSPs, MSSPs and consultants manage their clients to reach full compliance with their chosen framework: ISO27001, GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, CIS,CMMC 2.0, SOX

  • Quick & automatic security threat evaluation
  • Easy implementation and maintenance
  • User friendly system
  • Affordable prices

Coming soon: FTC Safeguard, PCI-DSS and more

Why Partners Choose Kamanja?

MSPs and MSSPs can now secure more business by offering comprehensive solutions, enhancing IT security, and eliminating the hassle of gathering evidence from multiple sources.

Small & medium businesses continue to struggle with increasingly strict and complex data-security standards. Before Kamanja, achieving compliance demanded that they invest in several solutions, dedicate valuable resources, and integrate incompatible platforms.

This led to significant inefficiencies, increased costs, and prolonged timelines for both MSPs and SMBs.

We integrate with your most important tools

MSPs can provide better compliance

Our technology offers the precise solution MSPs and SMBs require to achieve complete compliance.

Delivering end-to-end data security and compliance tools, we empower MSPs to manage their clients seamlessly, ensuring businesses of all sizes can attain and uphold full compliance. 

Our technology sets a new standard in security, comprehensiveness, integration, and affordability.

Unified Compliance as a Service

Risk Management

Assign controls and policies to risks both automated AI and manual inputs, then analyze threats and vulnerabilities across your company's software, processes, and personnel


A cloud-based vulnerability scanner that detects cyber security weaknesses and threats. Runs brute force attacks, denial of service attacks, and more.

Asset Management

One place to manage all technology components including hardware, software, firewalls, licenses, network infrastructure, etc.

Internal and External Audit

With our templates, you can automate your internal and external audits and generate reports automatically

Compliance Questionnaire

Creates custom questionnaires for employees and suppliers to gain insight into potential security threats.

Supplier & Employee Risks Analysis

Provide standardized Supplier Chain Management and employee lifecycle process


Automate recurring compliance and maintenance of data security measures.

End-to-End Solutions

One platform for all your compliance needs

Fast Results

Get full compliance within weeks

Fast Adoption

Obtain new framework knowledge within a few days

MSPs Compliance World

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